Celebrity vocal coach Diane Sheets began blending tea while on the road during a 2012 multi-artist tour. Her clients were looking for a tea that was good for their voice but also had a pleasing taste. Sheets’ hand-crafted blend quickly became a favorite among the tour’s artists, who would drink it during their warm-up routines or pre-show meet and greets with fans. That’s when Sheets decided to create a line of tea blends that catered to the singers’ needs. The result? VOICE TEA: a line of hand-crafted, organic herbal blends that not only promote vocal health and enhance performance for singers, but are also soothing and delicious.

Initially, VOICE TEA was only available for Sheets’ elite clientele that includes A-listers like Little Big Town, Natalie Grant, Matt Maher, Casting Crowns and more. As word spread, others who constantly use their voice professionally in their respective fields (public speakers, radio personalities, teachers, etc.) began to seek it out. Interest and sales soon sky-rocketed. VOICE TEA is hand-crafted, packaged and distributed worldwide.

VOICE TEA isn’t just for professional singers; it’s for anyone with a voice.